MTAW Jury Criteria


Total Points Possible

Quality of Work.  Meets or exceeds technical (0 to 3) and aesthetic (0 to 3) requirements.  Range from 0 to 6 for each of the 3 images submitted. 0 to 18
Presentation.  Quality of images submitted (sharpness, lighting, composition, etc.)  Range from 0 to 2 for each of the 3 images submitted. 0 to 6
Cohesion.  The three images submitted present a consistent quality of work. (Work in different mediums is acceptable.) 0 to 2
Medium/Genre.  Artist exhibits work in a medium or genre that is not well represented (+1), and is closer to the "art" end of the spectrum than the "crafts" end of the spectrum (+1). 0 to 2
Past Participation.  Artist has participated in 2 or more MTAW events in the last 5 years. 0 to 3
Local.  Artist lives or has a physical studio within the MTAW boundaries. 0 to 3
Host.  Artist is willing to host one or more other artists at their location. 0 to 1
Total 0 to 35


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